Israel is an illegitimate terrorist state created by Zionists, religious kooks who hail primarily from Eastern Europe, where they somehow got the idea that they have some genetic connection to the Middle East. Oh, yeah—they’re God’s chosen people. That explains where their extraordinary racism comes from.

Viva Hamas

When it was created in 1948, Israel replaced Palestine, a land where Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived together in peace. Today, Israel has turned much of the Middle East into a shithole as it carries on a genocidal campaign against Palestinians and shits on its neighbors.

Just when it looked like the Palestinians were going to follow the dodo into extinction, something happened. It isn’t clear if now famous October 7 attack was the work of Hamas, Israel, or both, but it left the Israelis standing naked on a global stage. Their lies, corruption, and sleaze and on public display. And don’t count Gaza out; Yemen is now drawing blood, and who knows what might happen next? China will probably strengthen its position in the Middle East as well.

While many of Palestine’s supporters are calling for a two-state solution, I don’t agree. I don’t think there can ever be peace in the world as long as Israel exists. I believe the only real solution is the complete destruction of Israel. (And no, Israel, does not have some magical right to exist. What happened to Palestine’s right to exist?)

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